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  • Member: CodeZTM
  • Title: Tragedies Part One: Angels Flying High
  • Premiered: 2008-01-15
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    • Alabama Angels Among Us
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  • Comments: Whoohoo. A new little project i'm starting. I call it project tragedy. So many anime, so many tragedies. So little time to edit. X_X

    Anyway, this is the inital piece to the three-part trilogy. This project was spawned after my good friend in high school threw her cancer into remission. Thank God for that. ^_^

    Anywhoo, enough about the project, here's the info on the AMV!

    Edited With : Adobe Premier Pro CS3
    Footage: Loveless
    Audio: Angels Among Us - Alabama
    Video Codec: H264
    Audio Codec: NACC
    Container: MP4

    The Story: Using the main character of Loveless, I have created a story of a boy who has been in pain and torture his entire life. Nobody around him, nobody to care for him. Until a stranger came and comforted him, and gave him a reason to live. That stranger became his friend, and eventually a person who he had romantic feelings with. (The street turning into a sunset)

    BUT! The boy still feared the lonliness that he once knew. He had a nightmare about people who he knew would care for him, and their deaths. (Death Scenes) However, his nightmare turned into a dream, (bubble sequence), and he realized that he could be happy with his life. in the end, he accepted his stranger/friend's love, and became a betterk, stronger person, perservering through his dark times.

    I hope you guys enjoy this! ^_^


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