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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: Sweet Soul Brother
  • Premiered: 2003-03-22
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  • Song:
    • Hideki Naganuma Sweet Soul Brother
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  • Comments: This video is the first track in the "Jet Set Radio" Anime Music Video Project. Similar to other multi-editor projects, various songs in this megamix have been spliced together and transition from one another into different videos by different editors. This is why the video has such an abrupt end.

    The full project's website is:

    I ended up on the Jet Set Radio project when SpPANDA had to drop his tracks due to a broken computer, I believe. Anyway, I had heard about the project through Mike (VegettoEX). I figured, "oh hey, cool, he's doing his own thing in a project, and I'll get to view it when it's done, and watch as an outsider." But as look would have it, I ended up with one of the dropped tracks. I got to choose from "Sweet Soul Brother," and "Sweet Soul Brother (Reprise)." I ended up picking the first of the two because uhhh, it was shorter. :)

    So, with the name of the song in mind (being Sweet Soul Brother), I had to obviously pick something to go with the theme of being a babed out sweet soul brother daddy pimp kinda guy. My first inclination was to pick an anime with blantant ladies men in them, but I figured, meh, that would be too easy. I realized then that I had the first three DVDs of Kare Kano (or "His and Her Circumstances") lying around doing nothing, and I remembered the two main male characters of Arima and Asaba. Arima is more of the "perfect guy" who can do no wrong, and is oh-so-very clean ut and dreamy. The second male, Asaba, is much more of the self-absorbed, yes-I-know-I'm-sexy type of guy. The two made for a nice clash in this video. The only thing resembling a story in this video is Yukino Miyazawa swooning over Arima, and Asaba making an ass out of himself.

    Now for the tech stuff. This video features a moderate amount of Photoshop/effects intensive elements. The first few seconds of the video, for example, is the part I spent the most time on. It has scenes of Asaba and Arima flashing back and forth on a split screen (taken from the opening theme, untouched, but retimed to fit the music), with an animation I took of Yukino from an episode. I took the animation out frame by frame, keyed out the background, and re-inserted it on the opening video footage. I covered up all the lip flaps in the video, expect for on shot of Asaba in a pan shot which I couldn't be bothered to pretty up. There are some flashes and transparancies and motions on certain musical beats in the song as well. That's more or less it.

    Essentially, this is a plotless video that features a couple of mildly cute anime pretty boys from a shoujo anime. It's something definitely different from most of my recent videos in that, it has guys in it. Man, you'd think I was a lesbian or something with all of my female-focused videos over the last two years. :) In any case, it was fun doing a fun, cute-boy video. Oh yeah, and beware of massive nipples. Have fun watching it!

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