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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Humming the Bassline
  • Premiered: 2003-03-22
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    • Hideki Naganuma Humming the Bassline
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  • Comments: *** PROJECT NOTES ***

    This video is the third track in a series of anime music videos entitled the "Jet Set Radio" Anime Music Video Project. Similar to other multi-editor projects, various songs in this megamix have been spliced together and transition from one another into different videos by different editors. This is why the video has such an abrupt beginning and end.

    The full project's website is:


    The main reason I originally signed up for the "Jet Set Radio" AMV Project was simply to procrastinate doing a full-length video. In fact, I hadn't even really considered signing up for the project, because I wasn't sure if it would ever be complete.

    However, one night I found myself in the chatroom, and NME was talking with some folks about the project. I thought to myself, "What the Hell... I'll go for it" and checked out the two remaining songs: "Humming the Bassline" and (I think) "Rock it On." I disliked both songs, but "Humming the Bassline" was clearly the lesser of two evils! I actually found it to be interesting, as it was almost a hip-hop kind of sound, which is something I never dreamed I would be working with for a music video. I put in my request for the song, and away I went.

    My first thought of an anime was indeed "Urusei Yatsura," for a couple reasons. For one, I had just recently bought the first season DVD boxset, and needed to find something to use it for. Second, as I listened to the song over and over, I really couldn't picture anything in my head other than Ataru being knocked around. I found myself thinking about other UY videos: I've seen four. That's total. Two of them are by the same person. Two are in DDR Projects. That's not a whole lot.

    I decided I was going to make a fun UY video!

    I began ripping the DVDs over winter break (January 2003), and did three seconds in the video (the very middle with stills of Lum shaking Ataru's head). The video sat there for about another month, when I got hard at work finishing it up. I worked on the video very non-linearly, doing random spots here and there as I thought of them.

    My thoughts on the outcome of the project were put more and more at ease as I found myself in constant contact with NME over the status of my video and other peoples', and realized it really was going to happen. Big sigh of relief!

    The video was finished the first week of March, about a week before the deadline. During the last week, I helped Meri out with hers a little bit making some suggestions. I hadn't seen anyone else's "Jet Set" videos, and was looking forward to seeing the final product.

    All in all, I find the project to be very fun. I think the transitions between tracks are absolutely horrible, but that's mostly due to the fact that they're terrible in the actual music! I really enjoy watching the project from beginning to end, and have been doing so quite often. I highly suggest people check it out, as there's some gems in the mix.

    *** THE VIDEO ITSELF ***

    I had a lot of fun with timing in the video. There's a couple speed changes here and there to make things fit exactly, and there's a LOT of frame-by-frame manipulation of the footage. Just about every action or cut is on some kind of musical beat or change in flow. I would have liked to have been able to draw my own frames for the two instances of lip-synching, but with UY being such an old source with a not-so-great transfer, there's just too much shaking of the screen for it to have been possible for me (not that advanced yet ^^). The only time where it's noticeable is during the first lip-synch in the upper-left corner. Other than that, I'm more or less pleased with the final result. Not my favorite video, but fun nonetheless.

    *** EQUIPMENT USED ***

    Video was digitally ripped from DVD source, IVTC-ed, edited with MotionJPEG files, exported from original VOB sources to HuffyUV AVI format.

    "Urusei Yatsura" TV Season 1 DVD Boxset
    HP Pavilion (850 mHz, 128 MB RAM, 45 GB hard drive)
    VirtualDub 1.4.10
    DVD Decrypter
    Adobe Premiere 5.1

    *** TECHNICAL INFO ***

    - 735 MB -- Master AVI encoded 720x480, 23.976 fps, 44 kHz stereo sound, HuffyUV
    - 11.6 MB - MPEG encoded 352x240, 23.976 fps, 2000 kbps 2-pass VBR (300 min, 3000 max), 192 kbps (44 kHz) stereo sound

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