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  • Member: alternatefutures
  • Studio: Probability Matrix
  • Title: Marionette Inside My Head
  • Premiered: 2001-07-25
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    • Blues Traveler Girl Inside My Head
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    This was just too good of a matchup to pass by. That, and Blues Traveler's original music video was pretty bad, so it needed a redo :)

    I used SmartRipper to get the VOB files directly off the DVDs and then used DVD2AVI to convert those into DivX files. Why DivX? I only have a twenty gig HD and my intent was to use as many episodes as possible. And I am pleased to say all 25 make an appearance somewhere in the vid, even if only for a split second. Anyway, I edited the video in Premiere 5.1 with some Photoshop thrown in as practice for my next, more ambitious project. The master avi (720X480 resolution) was converted to 352X240 MPEG-1 using TMPGEnc. I also reduced the audio track to a mono channel in order to conserve file space. Since this is Blues Traveler there is little quality lost doing this.

    I wanted to basically tell a condensed version of the SMJ series with this vid, which the song lends itself readily to if you neglect the whole war-to-save-Terra II aspect. Anyway, as a result there will be MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS at the end, so it is recomended that if you haven't seen the series not to download, or at least stop it as soon as the refrain plays for the fourth time. As this is my first AMV where I have had control of the editing I wanted to give you a good impression of my future work, so you should find that the AMV does not seem to hang on scenes and follows the lyrics, beat, and instrumentals well (very well, if I do say so myself). Yes, there are a total of five digital effects that are sprinkled in the vid that I did for practice as well as for gits and shiggles. I hope, however, that they will not stick out like sore thumbs and will seem completely natural. Two of these you probably won't even notice unless you're playing it in slow motion, for the other three... try not to blink. I leave it to you to find all five (consider it an Easter egg hunt), and please tell me if you think they fit into the vid well.


    When all is said and done
    I wish I needed no one
    Never was up to me
    Just something in her way that sets me free
    It seems so easy
    And yeah I try to pay attention
    But there's only four things running through my mind

    How hard will it be if she is nice to me?
    How bad will it get if I let her get to know me?
    Should she see the willing dog or should I be a jungle cat?
    And most of all my god how does she make her eyes do that?
    And I don't need another girl inside my head
    Girl inside my head

    Johnny be brave I say inside
    As I won't take a bite from the apple that she gave me
    But that's not what I'm after
    Still all along my mother's voice singing "treat her like a lady"
    And yeah I try to pay attention
    But there's only four things running through my mind


    I'm not the only one to write her letters
    It doesn't matter anyhow
    The question isn't if but...

    [Refrain X 2]

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