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  • Member: Arczi
  • Title: Cryggan Trailer
  • Premiered: 2008-01-07
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    • Crysis Trailer Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: hello to everyone.

    I would like to invite you to watch the trailer of the "Cryggan" movie.

    After Finishing my last amv, I decided to create an amv containing several tracks, which base on one topic - anime One Piece. After several weeks of gathering the editing materials from over 230 episodes I started to edit the first track. I finished 3, but then I realised that it was different from the idea I had in my head. This was the time when it started... creative depression. All ideas that were in my head, several tryings to edit something suddenly started to get boring, too difficult to make, they were not worthy of the time needed to complete them... I started to look for a new music, new anime to find again the vein for creating amvs. Unfortunately the wanted result wasn't achieved. I gave up looking, and started to loose time on playing games (which on one side was quite nice and refreshing, but from the other it was frustrating, that I loose days and hours to this kind of activity), but thanks to the games (precisely speaking thanks to one game) this trailer were created.

    Cryggan, is a mix inlcuding sounds from the trailer of the Crysis game, with spectacular action anime, which Spriggan is. It doesn't show the story of the game nor the anime. It is a trailer with an alternative, full of mysteries story.

    The biggest problem for me were the dialogues. The fact is that there aren't many of them, but finding anything in Spriggan, which would fit the voice of one of the soldiers, and miss archaeologist was the hardest challenge.
    The Crysis trailer have many gun sounds, explosions, fights. Looking for the scenes that would fit it, and joining them with sound was pure pleasure.
    Original trailer can be found at this link (
    player/28989.htm) It was shortened by me in few places. I thought that better will be shortening it, then doing something I don't feel good.

    The project was created in 3 days and was nice
    refreshing experience from all that sport editing at work. I hope, that you will like it, and for me I hope that it will mobilize me and will add some creative energy for new amvs.

    Programs Used:
    Adobe Premiere CS3
    Adobe After Effects CS3
    Virtual Dub Mod
    Nero WaveEditor

    I would like to say thank you, for my dear girl, for all the support and betatesting.

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