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  • Members: Niwa, Magnus
  • Title: I Stand
  • Premiered: 2008-01-04
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    • Funeral For a Friend Into Oblivion
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    This story is about how strong bonds can be and how some of them break. Tono Kakaki the boy who the very shy Sumita Kanae has had feelings for ever since junior high is the key of the story. He builds up the story between three people. Kakaki is after high school going to move to Tochigi to meet up with his long missed Childhood friend, Shinohara Akari.

    While going to their last schoolday of the year, Kakaki tells Kanae about that he's moving after the ceremony's end. Shocked and sad Kanae can't keep the tears from coming.

    Kanae, has problem with expression her feelings for Kakaki and has for now been able to come along with him as friends.
    After the school ending ceremony She decides to confess her feelings before it's to late but before even trying she breaks down crying still mad at herself for not being able to tell the person she loves the most the most important thing in the world, her feelings.

    Takaki takes a air Plane to Utsunomiya, leaving the heartbroken girl behind.

    On his way he plans on his ways to travel and decides to get on to the trains. He from Utsumiya takes the train to Tochig,i only to find his beloved childhood friend in the waitingroom. After the years without eachother comunicating with letters and such their feelings have grown. The word 'love' can really put up for what they felt.

    After hugging, kissing and spending the night together Takaki and Akari needed to part once again.



    coming later... (when niwa stops being lazy)

    -The Making-

    First of all, our main idea into this project was to blend these two movies into some sort of story but thinking about the small amount of time we spended on this we didn't really get that kind of ''story'' we wanted but it still turned our pretty nice and it was fun. It started out to be a short one night video, but we kept pushing on with it and waited somedays before finishing it, so yea. It was something we did for fun at Neverend's place. To make this turn out as we wanted we just beta tested each others vids pointing out stuff that could need fixing etc etc. Which wasnt really sucha' bother sitting 1 meter away from each other >.>

    So yea I choosed to go with 5 CM while Niwa got his ass into gear with Beyond the clouds. Finding this epic song, I started playing with it and edited ut a bit from Niwas suggestions. I had to edit the song though since the lyrics in some part wasn't fitted with the source so it became shorter.

    Niwa - Beyond The Clouds The Promised Place
    ZetZu - 5 Centimeter Per Second

    00:00 - 00:37;10

    00:38;11 - 01:04;10

    01:05;21 - 01:40;21

    01:40;13 - 02:22;04

    02:22;05 - 02:31;20

    02:31;21 - 02:39;04

    02:39;05 - 02:53;19

    02:53;20 - END



    Programs used: Adobe premiere 2.0, Sony Vegas 7.0, VirtualDubMod and meGUI.

    Local: (H264-848x480) .mp4
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