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  • Member: AceMan
  • Title: Seimei no Sakazuki (生命ノ杯)
  • Premiered: 2008-01-05
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    • Mosaik Among Plants
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    "Take a sip... and let the life flow within you..."


    Seems like lately many people make videos which are a short break during creating some "big project". Well, the same goes for me ^^ This vid was supposed to be simple project, I thought I will edit it within one week... took me 3 months ^^ (mostly because of laziness, but oh well...)

    The idea of this AMV was very simple in the beginning. I wanted to make a vid featuring only scenes containing landscapes, plants, flowers, weather conditions etc. and slow, relaxing, calm music. It's been in my head since the beginning of my AMV making activity, but I had more important projects to make. Then, after watching this beautiful, nostalgic, magical serie called "Mushishi", I really wanted to edit a video which would express it's beauty and my impressions of it. And the nearly forgotten idea popped out again :)

    However, after thinking a while I realized that such AMV would be too boring for most people, so I decided to add some kind of leading motive. That's how "Seimei no Sakazuki" was born. Being a person with really elementary knowledge of japanese language, it took me some time to come up with fine title. I wanted it to be japanese and I wanted it to mean something accurate to my vid's idea and motive.
    Thanks to wikipedia and many online dictionaries I finally made up this title, which means "Cup of Life". It's written in katakana - 生命 (seimei) means life force/existence and 杯 (sakazuki) is a traditional japanese sake-cup. least that's what I believe :D

    The music used in this AMV was composed by Jakob "Mosaik" Svanholm from Sweden, in the demoscene community known also as Radix or Rymdlego. His tunes are big part of my everyday playlist and after a while I realized that "Among Plants" will be perfect soundtrack for this kind of vid (even the title is pretty related too :)).
    I'm very thankful that he let me use his music and even edit it a little (I shortened small part in the middle).

    Software used: Premiere 6.5 + Photoshop CS2 + GoldWave + VDubMPEG2

    Ps. AMV has one or two errors, they last one frame somewhere during cross-dissolve... but after 7th rendering I am too tired to correct them. Hope you won't notice XD

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