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  • Member: Malificus
  • Title: Protecting Earth: Dawn's Order
  • Premiered: 2008-01-01
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    • Ellegarden Good Morning Kids
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  • Comments: This is actually one of my older amv ideas, though I only started editing it about a month ago. There was a huge chuck of time where nothing happened with it, and it was in almost, but not done limbo. This ended on new years eve when I decided to fill the last 35 seconds in 10 minutes. I failed D:

    But I did get the amv filled out. From there I had Otohiko and Fall Child42 beta test it for me, tightened up the editing as to accommodate errors they saw, and there I had it. A final product.

    But there was no name. O: What ever was I to do? I usually went with what I saw as an iconic line, but here there was none, the next idea was to mash the parts together into a title. Finally I was out of luck. I could think of no good name. The inspiration struck. "Blood, Gore, 'Splosions, and Naked Chicks: One of these is a lie, but you're still a pedo" was going to be the title. But this was quite good enough. So Fall Child suggested, why not make a serious title with the acronym P.E.D.O.? The result was Protecting Earth: Dawn's Order. and the name has stuck.

    Program used: Vegas 7.0

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