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  • Member: Kragdrim
  • Title: The Next Iron Chef
  • Premiered: 2007-12-23
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    • Nat King Cole Quizas, quizas, quizas
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  • Comments: Hi people

    So this video was created within 10-12 hours for the 15th French Iron Chef.

    This IC was kinda special. It was organised by Pioupiou the winner of the last IC, and she wanted to, do this one in this appartement, bring together the participants. Special because, this IC was in live stream on the internet.

    So, the participants were Nostromo, Tyler, Atvaark, R1 and Me.

    The level of IC, was for me a high level.
    The music, even if i like this, was real horrible for an AMV. All the participant thinked it was a joke, but not. We can notice this one allowed to do different game with music because we don't like it ( i'd like this music, but not to do an AMV... )
    For me, i have choice to preserve the music, but not really on the way intact. So i have modified the music just with inverse sens audio. To support this, i have play with inverse sens in video, and so, i have thinked that an anime that had story line with time, is well. It was Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo.

    Finally, the result of rank of this IC depend just the jugement. All the amv were really good. I will just keep in my memorie, that was a beautiful Week-End with friend and i enjoy it.

    Unfortunately i won ... I did'nt want to ... because i must organise the French Iron Chef 16 ... Shit ...

    Thanx all the participants for this Week End, Pioupiou and Ian Blade for the organisation, and all the people that view in live with the streaming on the net and they talk with us by Mirc.

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