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  • Member: KLin
  • Title: Qian Nian de Gung Fu
  • Premiered: 2003-03-22
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    • unidentified qian nian deng i hwei
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  • Comments: *Currently what I have up is a teaser that is about 60 percent of the finished product.

    Okay, first off I have to apologize about the video quality. The source I used was nowhere near DVD quality, it's like off a VHS beta tape okay. So please understand. :D Second of all, I can't remember the name of the DJ who mixed this song, and haven't translated the original singer's name either. So I'll probably change that info later on.

    Secondly, this AMV contains a rather large spoiler right off the bat. I pretty much took a scene directly out of the end of a particular episode and pasted it in the beginning, pretty much no editing whatsoever. So if you are the kind who is afraid of being spoiled, watch past episode 3 first. :D

    A little back history on the anime and the song used I think is in order. The Japanese name of the anime is Shinchou Kyouryo. Which translated means something completely different. But Condor Hero is an accepted name of this anime since that was how the live-action Chinese Drama series was translated. Yes, this Anime is based off a famous Kung Fu trilogy story written quite a few decades ago. The anime is actually based on the second of the trilogy story, known as "Return of the Condor Heros" and I believe features the son of the previous story's main character. The story is very involved and spans at least 2 seasons. Story is probably the major strong point of the anime despite the kung fu theme. Also, the opening and ending theme of the anime is great. Instrumental tracks have a very Chinese feel to them, pay attention to the track playing at the beginning of the AMV for an example.

    The song, is one that I've loved for pretty much around a decade. I first heard it when watching the live-action Taiwanese Kung Fu Drama: Xin Bai Niang Zi Zhuan Qi which translates roughly to: "Legend of the New Lady White" It's based on a centuries old Chinese legend about two sister Nagas, one White and one Green who try to learn what it's like to be human. In any case, the opening song was a very lovely and simple love song that was also very catchy. I managed to find a remixed version of it some time ago. I'd never thought I'd use it as AMV music, since I didn't know Kung Fu Anime even existed until recently.

    Well, that's it for back history. I made this using Premiere and encoded in Xvid, and had the most annoying time dealing with hard-subs, I recall spending 2 hours working on like 10 frames. Ugh. :D Anyways I think it's a very original AMV that no one would think of doing. Check it out.

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