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  • Member: Neverend
  • Title: Goodbye Apathy
  • Premiered: 2007-12-29
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    • One Republic Goodbye Apathy
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  • Comments: Goodbye Apathy

    It all began when Niwa and ZetZu stayed at my place 3 months ago,
    Niwa had his kanon2006 dvds with him.
    When they still was at my place i didn't watch kanon, had so much more to do!

    They left a week later so i decided to watch the dvd's, i was kinda sure that i wouldn't like it.
    But after like 2 episodes i was totally stuck, i couldn't do anything else that day except
    watch kanon.

    So after 24 episodes i was done, and damn i thought that anime was probably the best anime
    ive ever seen, and i really loved the story between Ayu and Yuuichi.
    In this amv i really tried to choose good scene choices and i mainly focused on the emotions.

    This is my first full amv on the org with my name Neverend, and my second on the org overall,
    and the other one was made 6 months ago.

    I stumbled on many problems on the way, and got frustrated because some parts was pretty hard to come
    up with, but i managed with huge help from Niwa! We sat at skype many days as i sent him allot
    of my betas and so on!

    So Huge creeds to Niwa for helping me!

    On the December the 27th ZetZu went on a journey to my place where he forced me to watch
    the ring 2! ( ITS FREAKING SCARY, though ZetZu was the one clinging his life onto my arm>.

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