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  • Member: mounkeygirl
  • Title: One Thousand Miles to Brigadoon
  • Premiered: 2007-11-13
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    • Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles
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  • Comments: I wanted to enter a real AMV competition, so I worked really hard on this video. Unfortunently though, I missed the competition deadline by about three months, but I'll get over that... eventualy... I thought about holding onto it and entering it into the next competition (It has to be in my area, because I want to see the people watching it :D) but thats another four months away so I figured in that time I could make another one. :P
    So about the video; it's another Brigadoon AMV, this time using the song "One Thousand Miles". As stated above, this took a very long time to make. But that being said, it should be noted it wasn't the only AMV I worked on during that time (not to mention school work and video games, I love Dragon Quest Monster!)
    I worried that I might have added to many effects, but I'm pretty happy with the end product. As the editor there are a few places where I look at the video and think "I could have fixed that" but I've convinced myself that I'm just being nitpicky. Then again, maybe I'm just making up excuses to be lazy *laughs and drinks more caffine*

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