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  • Title: Romeo + Juliet(1996 ver.)
  • Premiered: 2003-03-22
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    • Romeo + Juliet(1996) Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: I did this for a school project. Got my hands on both ROmeo and Juliet versions(1968 and 1996) although the '68 version will never be hosted, this one will at soem point. This one took the double the time "Fear Dot Hack" and the other Romeo and Juliet took, and I LOVED the way it turned out.

    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Fade megatropolis. Rubberband heaven. Lip sync is overall pretty good, a few transparencies for the family names. The "Ancient Grudge" "Starcrossed lovers" and "Tragic ending" or whatever animations are not my own, but rather the trailer's own. If you find the original trailer for this, I tried to get it as close to that as possible. I realize that I kind of ignored the first laugh in the trailer.. I couldn't find anythign that would fitthat scene..

    STORY ASPECTS: Although this doesn't give away anythign for the escaflowne movie, it does for Romeo and Juliet. There's a lot of nice things in here, and I like it a lot ^-^ Not much to say here, though. Just think of this as an ALternate Reality video since it has almost nothing to do with the movie... Oh yes, Sora makes a very short appearance. Couldn't make a Escaflowne anime Trailer without Sora.


    Van-- Romeo/Leonardo DiCarpio
    Hitomi-- Juliet/Claire Danes
    Allen-- Mercutio
    Dilandau-- Tybalt
    Mole man-- Friar
    Beastly hyena thing(forgot his name)-- Prince

    Folken, Dilandau and co.-- Capulets
    Van, Allen and co.-- Montagues

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