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  • Member: -kari-
  • Studio: -|Next Twilight Studios|-
  • Title: Kyoto's 300
  • Premiered: 2007-11-17
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    • Tyler Bates 300 Trailer
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    Up (actually, down) at college, I was running a wireless USB ethernet device to connect to the internet, albeit it worked badly and often took 20 minutes to an hour to get a workable connection. So, in complete ignorance of the fact that everyone and their mother has made a video somehow relating to the film "300", I'd thought I'd strike up a new video project in the midst of a few other on-going ones in that wait-period created by my terrible internet connection (I have since bought a 'real' ethernet cable and can now connect to the intarwebz without wait).

    All or most of the scenes and cuts are based directly on the trailer from which the audio comes. I changed a few things for the sake of timing and more appropriately fitting my source footage (Samurai X). The text sequences were created in Adobe AfterEffects CS3; filters and all other editing were done in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.

    I posted a "comparison" video on the 'tube, I mean boochswach, here:

    Any last thoughts?
    This was not at all meant to be a serious editing endeavor, just a fun little video that came to fruition simply because it could. Enjoy~

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