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  • Member: Malificus
  • Title: Do Unto Others
  • Premiered: 2007-12-24
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  • Songs:
    • Pokémon Double Trouble
    • Pokémon Team Rocket's Theme (Hoenn Ver.)
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  • Comments: It's done! O:

    I liked this project a lot. I've had the idea for this for a pretty short time period actually. I got the idea about a week ago when my friend got me the 2.B.A Master soundtrack. I heard this song, Double Trouble, and got the idea pretty quickly. The biggest issue I met up with was placing the characters. James and Pikachu fell into place pretty quickly, but Jessie and Meowth took some thinking. Jessie because well, frankly, at least two characters could possibly work with her, And Meowth was hard because I needed to find someone who didn't become a comic relief character with Meowth's voice. Giovanni was the last person to place, but he was pretty easy to do once I scrapped the Idea of Gankutsuou being Giovanni.

    Actual editing wise, disc one is a pain, because even after deinterlacing it, there was still interlacing spread unevenly throughout, which I had to get out by hand. D:

    And for those of you who see this idea and think comedy/parody, I hope you enjoy. The concept is ridiculous enough without me helping it.

    I used Vegas 7.0 to edit everything.

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