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  • Member: Chibisah
  • Title: Elizabeth's Gay Boyfriend
  • Premiered: 2007-12-09
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    • The Hazzards Gay Boyfriend
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  • Comments: THIS VIDEO HAS SPOILERS FROM EPISODE 45, but not from any other episodes, so as long as you've seen up to 45 you'll be fine ^^;

    This is an Elizabeth/Wolfram and Wolfram/everybody-esque AMV. ^^; The idea of it is Elizabeth somehow managed to get Wolfram as her boyfriend...but you can't change a guy's sexuality after all. XD Not, of course, that she minds; she fell in love with Wolfram because of who he is, not the gender he prefers, and the fact that he prefers men isn't going to stop their relationship as far as she's concerned.

    NOTE: This is pretty much a crack!AMV, so please don't take it seriously. xD I don't really believe Wolfram considers himself to be "gay". The impression I got watching the show was that everyone followed their heart, not their libido. They don't try to go for a specific gender, they just try to look for love. In episode 45, Wolfram doesn't seem upset about the fact that Elizabeth is a girl, but rather that she's not Yuuri, the one he fell in love with. That's just my opinion, anyway; feel free to see him as gay, if that's the way you interpreted him when you watched the show. XD; I just don't want to get flames for using this song. It's all meant to be in good fun. If you think it will offend you, don't watch! ^^;

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