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  • Member: TerryH1984
  • Title: Lucky☆Star ENGLISH SPECIAL FULL OP Dance in らき☆すた
  • Premiered: 2007-12-01
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    • Aya Hirano Motteke Sailor Fuku (English)
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    ACTUAL Screenshots (4in1 photo):

    Click on the link above to see it on youtube (Lower quality):
    You need the H264 Codec to view the downloaded video! FREE Combined codec packs should have this - (Combined community codec pack +/ VLCplayer etc etc..)
    General Overivew
    This is the rare fan dubbed English version of the song Motteke Sailor Fuku (Version 1.0) with a special disco dance twist to the introduction (using the dances with the first and last episodes).
    The Audio is Pre-Enhanced. I recommend you turn off Acoustic /Eq enhancements or you may get excessive echoing.
    Me and SpringSakura111(on youtube) decided to make one! I hope they make an 'Official' english version! I heard it was licensed recently! Must get it when it comes out i wanna hear the english intro..hehe! In the meantime, theres this one i guess...
    I did the post Audio and Video editing and SpringSakura111 provided the raw vocals.
    The result is my AMV Which turned out better than i expected as it took me only 5 days to make.
    The use of Red chroma key is obvious with yutaka's transparent hair... (LOL)
    This is a Fanmade AMV in tribute to the wonderful anime and song it uses and the original anime creators. No copyright infringement is intended and I/we do not claim ownership of any of any audio or video scenes, title or characters used in it (except those we drew and voiced for ourself). This is a FREE AMV and i don't profit from this financially. A Tribute for all the lucky star fans out there!!!
    Lyrics (and explaination):

    At 3 cm (bust size)
    Kinda peachy, I wonder why?
    My uniform wrapped in me
    (should be 'on me", but its parody of a 'wedgie'; a bullying tactic).. it can't be that bad, fu!
    Just try it, and do it,
    Make sure you catch and release, yo!
    (talking about sports events)
    I sweat! (Whoo) I sweat! (Whoo), and throw in a DARLING! DARLING! FREEZE!
    (talking about icy drinks after sports)
    I'm so sad we're kinda (gonna be) gone
    i love you so- Oops, i just said that wrong

    (confessing love)
    hes a nail biter, steel beater
    big food eater, oh come on, just cut that out!
    (talking about different boys)
    Oh there's that girl with a really cute face
    who just appears to be a normal girl

    (a cute girl/idol acting humble / normal)
    Oh what is that!. Is that for me? Pork chops, soup wires, and a DA-DA-DA-DA-DA!
    (canteen food special)
    BON! BON! Cheerleaders
    Let's get cherry pie!
    (after practice with cheerleading bon bons)
    RAN! RAN! Come on in
    Look up! Sensation!

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