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  • Members: Autraya, -MD, BunofGovt, Minion
  • Title: Dirty Little Xmas 2007
  • Premiered: 2007-12-20
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  • Songs:
    • Angelzoom Christmas Dreams
    • Bob Rivers Me and Mrs. Claus
    • Connie Francis Adeste Fidelis
    • kevin bloody wilson Rudolf the deep throat reindeer
    • No Doubt Oi to the world
    • Sarah McLachlan The first noel
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Autraya: "No reindeer were harmed during the making of my segment but I have it on good authority that thumper went on a killing rampage around disneyland highschool after that skank bambi who slept around with a skunk a pokemon and Angelina Jolie's ex husband. Now recovering from the shooting during which he lost his mother Bambi has become a gay rights activist >.> About the outro, it's funny how we all pretend the world is great and sing happy songs when shit like that is still happening (were it not ficticious media representations of said events), thanks to iProd for giving me the bambi idea"

    Minion: "the hard part was finding enough non-raep scenes to make it look innocent for the intro. i think i used every SFW scene"

    MeteorDragon: "I'd do her too..."

    BunofGovt: " Used School Rumble, Cromartie High School, and Those Who Hunt Elves. A prize (not) to those who guess which is which. My thanks to Minion, whose comment encouraged me to do some heavy editing and re-thinking. My special thanks to Autraya for hosting this MEP and giving me a chance, and a second chance, to work on my portion. Happy holidays to all! "

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