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  • Member: Geirr
  • Title: Kaibutsu Polka
  • Premiered: 2007-12-14
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    • basshunter Loituma Ievas Polka
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  • Comments: Sometime in 2006 a visual joke went around on the internet, cobbling together about 16 frames of Bleach (ep 2?) wherein Orihime twiddles a leek with strange curlie-Qs in the background, set to a section of a traditional polka called "Ievas Polka," performed by a Finnish folk quartet called Loituma. Part-way through the song, there are a couple of NONSENSE stanzas, i.e, scat singing. (which sure fooled me at first; I thought it was real language being sung...)

    The Wiki entry here:

    Sometime AFTER that, Jonas Altberg (aka 'Basshunter') created a tech-noid remix using Loituma's audio.

    And I was just back from a vacation in Japan, and had just started watching Kaibutsu Ojou ...

    This AMV is a STRANGE/BIZARRE character study mostly about Furandoru, the little android meido.


    PS: Beyond the central core of anime fandom, 'Kaibutsu Ojou' may be known as 'Monster Princess' or 'Resurrection Princess.' One of the fun things about being FIRST to put up a series ('jeeeeeen') is that you get to type in the REAL (aka Japanese) title into the database.

    Technical notes: MOUTHFLAPS. Tons of them. Other than that, video source is from various fansubs, so don't be surprised at a few interlace artifacts from source or strange pull-downs, etc. I tried to smooth out as much of that as I could catch. Used my old copy of Premiere 6 with a couple of composite scenes using AfterEffects 5.5

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