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  • Member: Cagari
  • Title: Teke My Pain Away
  • Premiered: 2007-01-14
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    • Puddle of Mudd Blurry
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  • Comments: This video was an emotional video for me. I had wanted to make a KiraXFllay video out of this song for so long, yet did not have the animation to make it. So after a long time of waiting for it, I got to work and spent nearly 10 hours on making this video. It would not save correctly after the first few tries, so that's part of the reason why it took me so long to make it. I had the vid pretty much planned in my head when I began making it.
    Please try to ignore the watermark. Now that I think of it, the watermark might be a good thing. Why you ask? There are many people out there who want to steal our work, and having this watermark will let me know who has stolen my work or not. I like Editstudio so much that I don't want to switch to anything else, but it's too expensive so that's why I'm sticking with the trial version.
    This video tells the story of FllayXKira, from mostly Kira's point of view, but both of their views are emcompassed into this video. They both went through so much pain, some of it caused by each other and some of it caused by the war, but in the end, they can both take each other's pain away.
    (Watch the credits to see who it is dedicated to).

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