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  • Member: AltruisticCrono
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: Wish Again
  • Premiered: 2007-11-18
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    • Smile Empty Soul Who I am
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    Best in Show - Anime Detour 2008

    In short, this video has seen many different seasons of the YEAR while remaining true to its original conception. However, it’s hard to exactly say why it took so long to edit. From revision, recreation, and transfers between Adobe products (and even computer systems), the first half of the video is nearly the same as it was a year ago. But, as I certainly found it, Premiere is not made for special effects… nor does it forgive with motion and zooming. This is why I created the framework within Premiere and worked on it exclusively with AE.

    It was a learning experience.

    Perhaps that’s all the video is…. or eventually set out to be. It became a “can I do this” or “let’s see how this goes.” But don’t worry – the anime’s story remains the main objective of the video. I refused to make it an over-the-top and pointless lens flare fest. I tried to enhance what I could…and leave the rest to the anime.

    Avenger, to say the least, is not well known (at least I assume). It is by the same people who released (dot)Hack and Noir. It is obsessively filled with eye pans, standing still, building pans, left pans, right pans, eye pans (again), and face pans. Action is a secondary source to more panning.

    I decided to make this AMV for a fellow co-worker who continuously watched my previous release of “Remember Me.” After a few sittings into the project, I found this project to be more challenging than my previous releases.

    Half luck and half planned, the release date was my birthday. I knew I was within completion potential one week prior and completed the last MINUTE in 4 sittings. I completely surprised myself when the last chorus finished in a single sitting and only minor tweaks made the final version.

    Last Note:
    After releasing my first AE video, it's amazing as an editor when you can finally create the visions seen only in your head.

    Wikipedia’s description of the anime (for those unfamiliar with the anime):

    The story is set on a colonized Mars at some unspecified point in the future. The majority of the human population is divided up into a number of small domed city-states. Those who live outside the domes in the harsh wildernesses of the planet are known as Barbaroi. Resources are scarce, and supplies are divided out between cities based on the outcome of gladiatorial battles between representative fighters from each.

    Adding to the problems of the colonists, no children have been born on Mars for a decade. The cause of the infertility is unknown, but people have turned to robots called dolls as a substitute for the presence of children in their lives. And a red moon, Earth's moon, hangs over Mars, drawn towards the red planet after the destruction of Earth and ravaging it with lunar storms caused by gravitational fluctuations between Mars and its unwelcome satellite.

    The protagonist of the story is Layla, a barbaroi gladiator with a mysterious past and follows her quest to defeat Volk, the ruler of Mars. She is accompanied on her journey by Nei, a strange "doll", and Speedy, a doll breeder (or repairman).

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