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  • Member: ScorpionP
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Real Cool Club
  • Premiered: 2007-12-09
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    • Screeching Weasel Cool Kids
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  • Comments: My 7th completed video and probably the video that has been completed in the shortest time period (besides Feel the Mambo). I guess you can call it a quickie.

    Anyway, the story behind this is very simple. Tamaki and the other kids from Ouran Host Club keep telling other kids that they'll never get into it. Due to the lack of 'other kids' I added 'nerdy Haruhi' from the first episode as one of them, and in this video, she (or he) is a totally different person than 'the Haruhi from the other episodes'. The instrumental parts were randomly filled with everyday activities that club members have that are supposed to be funny (maybe)...

    This video, as opposed to my previous ones, has a lot more lip sync, which may not look good in some places because of the camera movements or simply because of some weird mouth shapes (but hey, it's Ouran we're talking about). The only effects I used here are one mask, one bar effect and lots of camera movements, which are meant to be something like amateur camera filming like those in documentaries. The main reason I used them is because Ouran, in general, lacks in animation and isn't dynamic enough. I'm also aware that they might look a bit seizurific (especially in the last part) but I was experimenting a bit more with camera movement, and I myself like them and am satisfied with them =).

    AI-Con 2008 - Best Overall, Fan Favourite
    Katsucon 14 - Runner-Up Best Upbeat
    Avcon 2008 - Best Comedy/Trailer
    VCA 2008 - Best Comedy Finalist

    Nothing else I could remember of, so... Enjoy ;)

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