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  • Member: KiGlow
  • Studio: GlowingKi Productions
  • Title: Blue Bomber
  • Premiered: 2003-03-19
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  • Songs:
    • Capcom MegaMan 2: Boss Defeated Theme
    • Capcom MegaMan 2: Boss Fight Theme
    • Capcom MegaMan 2: Bubbleman Theme
    • Capcom MegaMan 2: Opening Theme
    • Capcom MegaMan 2: Robot Master Select Theme
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  • Comments: This is definately one of my proudest creations. A DBZ/Mega Man spoof!

    It took me hours upon hours just to create the opening sequence to this video. The "game intro" sequence didnt take too long. I just took the storyline from the beginning of Mega Man 2 and changed it to kind of sort of fit the world of DBZ. Basically Dr. Briefs creates Vegeta to destroy the androids created by Dr. Gero. Get it? Dr. Light created Megaman to destroy the robots created by Dr. Wily. Pretty ingenious I think.

    I couldnt find any emulators that had a video capture funtion so instead of scrolling up the building I just put in stills of each of the androids. Then it fades out to the top of the building with Vegeta standing there (although his hair is rather matted down) and then he transforms into a Super Saiya-jin. Then he disappears and the boss select screen comes up.

    For this sequence each android had to be molded and colorized pixel by pixel. That took quite a long time. Then I had to copy them onto the boss select screen and edit all the boxes so that theyd hold the android sprites in them. The little boxes that flash also took a long while to do.

    (I should probably note now that I did this all with Microsoft Paint. Rest assurred it wouldve been a lot faster/easier with Photoshop. ;P )

    Then after Android 19 is selected he is supposed to do a little dance on the screen, but since I have no idea how to animate and put it into a video, I decided to do some more image blending.

    And then the fight starts! Vegeta vs No. 19.

    I really had a great time doing this video. Now with the intro sequence done it should be pretty easy to make more videos to branch off of this one. Enjoy!

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