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  • Member: nightmarekitty
  • Title: The Demented Keroro Movie
  • Premiered: 2007-08-13
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  • Songs:
    • "Wicked" The Musical Wonderful
    • 300 This Is Sparta
    • Avenue Q I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today
    • Beatles Yellow Submarine
    • Boots Randolph Yakety Sax!
    • Dennis Leary Life's Gonna Suck
    • Gamma Ray Dethrone Tyranny
    • Invader Zim Tak's Poem
    • Kill Bill Battle Without Honor or Honesty
    • Lemon Demon Dance Like an Idiot
    • Maurizio De Jorio Running in the 90s
    • Nightwish Ghost Love Score
    • Ome Henks Dutch Barbie Girl
    • Pat Benatar Invincible
    • Rabbit Joint The Legend of Zelda
    • Sealab 2021 The Wedding Song
    • Team America: World Police Montage
    • The Smiths Ask
    • Tom Lehrer I Got It From Agnes
    • Verka Serduchka Danzing Lasha Tumbai
    • Wicked Popular
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  • Comments: My best friend IrkenSnax and I were resigned to but bitter about the fact that we were almost certainly not going to be accepted into AMV Hell 4 with our submissions, so we decided to make our own compilation AMV, which was (almost) entirely Keroro Gunsou. Much lols were had, and we were both so very proud of this one.

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