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  • Member: Phantasmagoriat
  • Studio: Phantasmagoriat Productions
  • Title: Sweetest Embrace
  • Premiered: 2007-12-05
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    • Sixto Sounds, zircon Lunatic Moon OC remix
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    Announcement Thread: or [click the banner ;P]

    I kinda rushed this for the OC Remix FF VII: Voices of the Lifestream Music Video Competition. Because of exams at uni, I started and ended it in one day, cause I couldn't afford more time-- but it's way better than I thought it would be. I edited some of the audio, because the original is about 4 minutes long, and I thought I could pack in more punch if I cut it for 2 minutes... I think it flows well-- but let me know; I personally don't like unintentionally butchering a song if I don't have to...

    I might write more later when I have time...

    -Feb 25.08-

    ...Okay, I said above that I might write more ... so I'll make it quick:
    -chroma keying in the beginning with the moon, and sewer scene
    -after 30seconds, I started bastardizing my movement curves [something I learned from Viscosity]
    -I'm not happy with the sync, but 1 day ...for ocremix... I'm happy enough
    -added red hue to the scenes after the Sundown part [no, that scene didn't actually happen; I just made it look like it did]
    -I wanted to slow down and focus on the scenes and text around 1:30
    -I really enjoyed making everything from 1:40 onward, but I started running out of 'cool' scenes... so... *meh* /end

    For the Votl contest, and I got runner-up in the anime category 8-)
    The cool thing is that I get credit posted on the website.
    I think I might get a tshirt and a limited edition copy of the Votl album... or stuff...
    material prizes r sweet [erm... after naming this video... I feel weird whenever I use that word...]

    -Made with Magix MEP 10
    -Local HQ 768x432 x264.mp4 [34MB]
    -indirect LQ 700x400 XviD.avi [37MB]
    -use VLC or CCCP for playback

    as always, ANY feedback would be appreciated!

    OC Remix Votl Music Video Contest - Runner-up Anime Catogory

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