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  • Member: Cherry Blossom
  • Studio: Sakura no Yume Productions
  • Title: Forget The World
  • Premiered: 2007-12-01
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  • Song:
    • Snow Patrol Chasing Cars
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  • Comments: *First of all, I accidently marked the wrong anime, it's actually Saikano (She, The Ultimate Weapon). Sorry about that, it should be fixed soon*

    Right, so this is my first Saikano video, and also my first video using iMovie. To be honest, I really miss using Sony Vegas instead, but hopefully I'll get Final Cut Pro soon. Anywho, I've been working on this video for god knows how long, and I'm just glad to have it finished!! I tried to make it as dramatic and sentimental as possible, but I didn't realize until the very end that this song just isn't as dynamic as I had originally thought so the video itself wouldn't be as emotional as I wanted either. But I still think it's ok. I'm planning on my next ones being better, now that I have a better grasp on iMovie.

    The movie is supposed to be about Chise and Shuji's attempts to be normal teenagers and a normal couple. However despite their efforts, they cannot escape the reality of the world they live in. This is why I titled it 'Forget the World', because when they are alone together, the two can forget all the pain and suffering that they have to deal with every day. By the end they realize that they cannot change anything about the world around them, and that they can never be together as a normal couple with no worries. Anyway, hope you enjoy, or at least find it interesting. I think the clips and lyrics compliment each other well. But, you be the judge, and please let me know what you all think!!

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