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  • Premiered: 2007-11-23
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    • Charlotte Church All love can be (anime pitch remix)
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    THIS IS A VERY REALISTIC ANIME IDOL STYLE 5 min Fanmade Episode. starts at 1 minute.
    This AMV is dedicated to people who have lost someone dear to them (Just like konata).
    The story starts off in the Izumi Residence, when Konata's mother visits as a spirit. She then thinks back to the good and bad times with Sojiro(kona's dad). Then Kona interrupts and reminds dad that anime idol was starting (he was interested because he was in the studio; as the one getting dragged away- as you'll see later)
    Ono daiskue, the host for anime idol comes up introduces Akira in the anime idol studio, and the song begins. Note "de picco" is intentional as a joke to reflect her constant use of that word such that it has become part of her name (the audience laughs at it if you can hear it)
    [Most of the instrument scenes are from nodame cantabile. The orchestra backdrop is partially made up as well. The orchestra is actually next to the stage at 90 degree angles, and the judges are seated at the table to the left and Ono Daiskue is seated at the right of the stage]
    Although Comiket is free, since kona doesn't use her mobile phone at all and has lots of credit, she reads the onscreen text and sends a $20 SMS to get a VIP entry to comiket and bypass the long queue- sponsored by akira, who Kona doesn't really care abou tat that moment. (DO NOT sms this number in real life as there is no such prize or number that we know of)
    Kona's dad is then dragged from the idol studio (which suggests the video was a recording, not LIVE as advertised)
    The songs goes through till the ending, where judges joke about Akira's multiple personalities (as in lucky channel). Anisawa is also seen laughing in the backdrop at that joke), and gives a few words of wisdom after to Akira.
    This was my largest AMV project to date. I voiced some of the actors myself using voice morphers. and alot of effort went into special effects and lip and instrument syncing. I would have animated akira more, but i only discovered how to use reverse footage after i synced the movements.
    Over 3 months in the making and over 40 video and 7 audio channels were used with multiple Special effects. and it lagged my Quadcore Extreme to 3 secs per click.
    The song is a remix of "All Love can be", and the 1988 Winter Olympic theme
    Anime Used: Lucky Star and Nodame Cantabile.
    Credits are at the end of the video

    This is a Fanmade AMV in tribute to the wonderful anime and song it uses and the original anime creators. No copyright infringement is intended and I do not claim ownership of any of any audio or video scenes, title or characters used in it (except those i drew and voiced for myself). This is a free amv and i don't profit from this financially.

    You can also click here to watch the video on youtube in lower quality (slightly older version)

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