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  • Member: KLin
  • Title: Bulletproof Bishoujo Blitz
  • Premiered: 2003-03-18
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    • J (Luna Sea Bassist) Resist Bullet
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  • Comments: *Currently what I have up is a really short, 20 sec. teaser (Rozard's Excel's Day Job was pretty much 37 sec. in length so don't tell me it's too short! :D ) because I'm still a ways off from finishing it and feel more 'inspired' to work on another project I decided to do recently. After I finish that, I'll come back to this later. But I wanted to show people what I'd been working on (and letting rot on my harddrive) for more than half a year. ^^; Enough of that, on with the description.

    This is the second AMV in my series of 'Girls with Guns' (I need to think up a better series title than that.) It's something mexicanjunior would like a lot. And I made it with him in mind, as well as prett much as probably any guy who like fanservice (panty-shots, breast-shots.. I know there's a more vulgar guy-term for it but can't remember at the moment) and gun action. mj's more outspoken about liking this sort of stuff, so this is technically dedicated to him and not you other guys. :p I used the song from the J's new (at the time I began working on this) CD, BLOOD MUZIK. After I heard the track Resist Bullet, I /knew/ I had to make an action AMV out of it, but I needed something with a lot of action, I was thinking Noir at first, but decided not to because I'd used it already and also with a J song. (That being my first AMV in this series) I needed something else.

    I happened upon this anime series in a very interesting fashion. I was looking up my favorite seiyuu on the seiyuu database and saw it's name on the list of Touma Yumi's recent roles. Touma Yumi and Mitsuishi Kotono's styles are very similar. I remember several months ago when we were playing a 'name that character' game on the boards where someone would post a voice clip from an anime and then ask us to identify the character for it. A clip a lot of people got stuck on was Deedlit, a lot of people thought it was a Mitsuishi Kotno character because she and Touma Yumi have a similar style and get similar roles. Such was the case here with Najica Blitz Tactics.

    The best way I can describe this series is: The illegitemate child of Aika: Naked Missions, and Noir. (For the record, all I've seen of Aika was from a DVD trailer, but that was plenty enough to get an idea of what it's like.) Taking more from Aika, you've got an anime where 99 percent of the scenes include fanservice shots. Pretty much all the female characters are fair game. There is a /ludicrous/ amount of panty shots in episode 1. It's also very action-packed, even more so than Noir, right in the beginning you see Najica in a training session and taking out hordes of holographic soldiers and getting a flawless score. She's /that hard-core,/ and it's only fitting that Touma Yumi got her role. Like Noir, there's pretty much no blood. Fortunately, this is explained by the fact that since Najica is a sneaky spy she uses things like flash-bangs and high velocity rubber bullets unless she has no choice. Also like Noir, it's centered on the relationship between two highly trained women who become partners by chance. Najica is pretty much Mirielle if she was a James Bond-ish secrent agent instead of an assasin. (Mirielle being the Noir character being played by Mitsuishi Kotono) And thus, Lila is Najica's Kirika (Kirika being Mireille's young partner assasin in Noir) There are quite a few similarities in their relationships and watching that sort of relationship develop is what drew me to both Noir and Najica Blitz Tactics in the end and makes NBT a little more than just fanservice+action eyecandy=Anime! Like Mirelle, Najica knows much more about the world than Lila. There's often absolutely hilarious moments where Najica will instruct Lila to do something like wipe up a spill and she'll spill even more so that she can wipe up more, interpreting Najica's instructions in a very clueless way. Lila, although she is 'younger' than Najica however is more talented at fighting and being a secret agent than Najica much as Kirika is more talented at killing and being an assasin than Mireille.

    In any case I think I've talked enough about the anime, so let me wrap things up a bit. After watching through the first eight episodes, I'd considered how action-packed it was and considered the pacing of Resist Bullet and could picture in my mind synching those beats. I knew it was going to be a little hard and involved, and I definately wanted it to be better than my last Premiere project. I had no idea it's so easy to let go of a good idea once classes started again and I eventually began to lose complete interest in it. Fortunately I came back to the org and that spurred me into a semblence of wanting to complete it because I was getting so many ideas that if I didn't get at least one out of the way I'd probably never make another AMV again. :| Well then, you've probably heard me babble long enough, specs for the AMV are as follows:

    640 X 480 resolution, Xvid encoded avi created with Premiere. There are quite a few digital effects like flashes and inversions used for synching to the beats at times, but for the most part I tried to let the motions in the anime match the beat. Check it out and let me know what you think of it. Especially you guys. :D I'll put the romanji lyrics up later once I finish literalizing a few more stanzas I can't quite hear.

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