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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Dreaming
  • Premiered: 2007-11-15
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    • System of a Down Question!
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  • Comments: The dream that is Kira.

    Essentially this AMV is about Light's dream for a better world ... or rather, a world suited to him. Subjectivity cannot be escaped, even by Light - no matter how hard he tries - and so this dream soon becomes about Light's whims. He is god, one unequaled. But such an existence is wearying ... and though he is standing alone at the top, there could be at least one who almost compares to divinity.
    Enter L.
    Who unfortunately realises how completely delusional this idea is, but is unable to stop it all from playing out exactly as Light wishes it so. Of course, the dream continues to shift, bringing Light's focus completely on L just as L's is on Kira.
    But a dream cannot die ...
    ... or can it?

    Other stuff:
    clips from episodes 1-25 were used, nothing later
    Ryuk does have a point in this AMV, he's not just stuck in there
    not exactly shounen-ai / yaoi, but you can view it so if you want ... subtext is always fun
    comments and criticism are always welcome, but not necessary


    ADD: I have re-uploaded this AMV with better sound and visual quality and it now comes in a shiny new .avi format.

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