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  • Member: SeB
  • Title: A view to a kill
  • Premiered: 2007-10-28
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    • Duran Duran View to a Kill
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  • Comments: This is my first Anime Music Video (but I discovered the AMV community maybe 4 years ago as you can see in my profile so yeah it took me quite some time to decide to make my first AMV).
    I made it for the Toulouse Game Show event which took place during the week end of 24-25 November 2007.
    The TGS AMV contest was held by AMVdeFans (now part of AMV-France).
    I was ranked 15th tie with my friend among 19 participants.
    Here is the AMV of my friend (he dedicated it to me, it was his first amv too) :
    The theme of the TGS AMV contest was the 80's but i only took a music from the 80's. I started to make this AMV very late maybe 1 week before we had to send it, and i had to discover a few software, so all this ended in a very approximative and drafty AMV. I hope to make better next time (with more time and more freedom). Also had a lot of things to do during that week so I couldn't put much efforts and time on the AMV.
    I can say my friend and the fact the event took place in my city motivated me quite enough to make my first amv.

    If you download it, I recommend to watch the video with the 16/9 image ratio
    You can watch it on YouTube :

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