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  • Members: Niwa, Magnus, Neverend
  • Title: Another Random Video
  • Premiered: 2007-11-21
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    • Rammstein Du Hast
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    It all started with that me and Neverend was talking in skype late at night and
    I had this crazy idea making a random video (the effect by drinking too much coffee O:). So we ended up deciding on doing it together. We simply took out five weird songs that could make it random together with our source. In the end we took on ''Rammstein - Du Hast'' I was like... hell no O:
    I was so eager to use my two Lucky Star R2 DVD's so I took the chance meanwhile Neverend took on Kanon 2006.
    We both decided on starting the project next morning by 10-11am but it started at 04-05pm instead.

    Alright we started the project as planned and Neverend was already on the move, that guy had some crazy ideas going on meanwhile I was extracting my Lucky Star R2 DVD's. I started editing by 6pm sharp and had a hard time getting an idea for the intro but I ended up ripping the CKY2's intro with the shaking effect. Neverend was about done with his part by 9pm and I was like half done so I invited ZetZu into our project and made him do my remainings 30 seconds I had left, it was pretty late and he had school to attend to the next morning. The kiddo finished his track in 2 hours and it turned out pretty good and my track was done aswell. The only thing left was putting the tracks together and encode the crap but didn't really happened that way. (christ, buy niwa a new computer :/) while rendering the final video out of premiere, my laptop died and it didn't happen once but five times. It felt that hell was on my side and my internet was going crazy at the same time. I won't be telling the rest of the story since I managed rendering it out somehow without the outro (that I was working so hard on....) My computer couldn't handle the many layers I had on the outro so I had to take it out. Anyway the project turned out very random amusing and was really fun doing it with you guys :)

    (friendly reminder) the video was made in one day.

    Track1(00:00-01:01) - Lucky Star - Niwa-kun

    Track2(01:02-01:32) - FLCL - ZetZu

    Track3(01:32-03:46) - Kanon 2006 - Neverend

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