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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Howl
  • Premiered: 2007-11-14
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    • Luca Turilli Virus
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    WAI-CON ( Best Action-Runer up)
    PHEONIX CACTUS COMICON (Best in Show - Second Place)
    NAKA-CON (Winner - Best Technical/in show)

    Une sombre histoire ou l'amour, la trahison et la mort.
    Il ya beaucoup de lenteur déprimante vidéos à Witch Hunter Robin. Ce n'est pas l'un d'entre eux

    Months ago I had an idea to make a witch hunter robin AMV, an action video as nearly every WHR video is depressing and made with evanescence. No really for most of the anime they seem to stand and stare or walk past each other and stare (it's enough to make me want to make a parody using the old Roxette song "the Look" I shit you not, that's 90% of the series. I digress, so I wanted to experiment with a few flame/fire effects to learn some more AE. Then when I was prattling about my idea on #AMV, Esrhan told me that flame in amv's looks stupid, so what did I do? I made the damn video that's what :3

    My original idea was to show Robin hunting along side her colleges and then getting stalked by Amon until there's a final confrontation as the witch gene she carries is being erradicate like a virus/taint on humanity (as per the series and hence the song choice). That kinda went out the window when Premiere refused to export more than 10 seconds of video (I was editing using .avs) so after putting it down for 2 months I finally got some HDD space back and needed a video to enter in WAiCon, so I encoded the whole 26 episode series into Lagarith’s. And proceeded to rebuild my project file (baiting and switching wasn't an option but that's another long story) it took me 2 weeks to rebuild the 30 ish seconds I had previously made.
    A note to all you Europeans/Britt's and Aussies out there... THE PAL VERSION OF WHR SUCKS ASS! It took me quite awhile to clean the bastard of a source.
    uhh went off track again I see, well while re editing the story evolved along with the effects ideas, so a short synopsis: Robin is a nun who's become a witch, the witch hunters run across her in a church while hunting another witch. She being kinda evil/sociopathic attacks the other witch; call it a combination of religious beliefs or some lingering amount of sanity not corrupted by her power. The main hunter lets her leave, but starts tracking her along with his team. So she messes with them and attacks them several times, then has one of those moments where she shocked back to her senses and remembers she and Amon were once lovers. So he stalks her a bit to make sure she doesn't go back to being evil. All is good until one of the other hunters confronts her, she kills him and in comes the automatic weapons in a full assault, and she kills them too. Amon finally decides she needs to be stopped and even though she regains her senses at the bitter end it's too late.

    Special thanks too:
    Josh for Beta testing (while drinking) and saving my ass when Particle Illusion died on me ;_;
    Brett for technical help and not laughing when I couldn't do really simple stuff, not to mention making AE work by the power of osmosis.
    Jp for technical help and not slapping me for being a complete /ae/ tard
    WC for beta testing and making me cry over my audio
    The Drunken German genius for helping me fix something that couldn't be fixed by commin up with a way for it to look like it was "meant to be that way" oh and beta testing
    Kristy for help in Photoshop

    Programs used:
    DVD Decryptor, DGIndex, VirtualDubbMod, AVS, Beesweet, ZarxGUI, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe After Effects(evil fucking program), Particle Illusion, Adobe Photoshop CS2.

    Editing time: 130 hours.

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