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  • Member: killedbyfpt
  • Title: Death Note - Getting Away with Murder
  • Premiered: 2007-11-10
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    • Papa Roach Getting Away With Murder
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  • Comments: There is no real story being this AMV other than to get some of my motivation back.
    It might have also ended up being a summary of the series.
    Started out being Light vs L.

    I tried to catch most of the weird moments L has, e.g. Misa's phone, any random sugar moments.

    And thanks to the people on Youtube who said that my AMV was worth finishing... ^-^u

    Program Used:
    Sony Vegas 7.0

    To watch the AMV you can download a player here:

    The reason for it being mp4 is because I couldn't get the video into an .avi and still preserve its quality. This way most of the quality present.

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