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  • Member: Melichan923
  • Title: The Death of You
  • Premiered: 2007-11-02
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    • Breaking Benjamin Breath
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    -Premiered at Youmacon 2007 and won a Judge's Award!
    -Was shown at Bakuretsucon 2007 as a finalist for Drama.

    Finally! A new AMV! It's been a while, huh? ^_^ I tried some new things when it came to effects for this video. I didn't want to go too over the top, but I think it came out fairly decent.

    I based this AMV around Cloud to the song "Breath" by Breaking Benjamin. I think the song suits his feelings perfectly. Here are some lines I think tie in best with the footage:

    "I see nothing in your eyes and the more I see the less I like." - Cloud staring into Kadaj's eyes, seeing himself as the "nothing" and something he doesn't like. He used to blame himself for Aeris' death, but realizes Sephiroth is really to blame.

    "You left a hole where my heart should be." - This can be taken literally as Cloud was shot in the heart by Yazoo and stabbed in the chest by Sephiroth, but it can also be interpreted that Sephiroth has taken away many things Cloud has had: Love, his feelings, hope...

    "I will be the death of you" - The first time you hear this, I tried to express it as if Cloud was saying "I will be the death of you even if it means the death of me as well." You see Cloud floating in the sky...

    Thanks to:

    Eric - For supporting me while making this (I had issues with the audio compressing correctly... finally fixed! :))

    Nate Silverthorn/NGSilver (Youmacon) - 1) For letting me in the contest 2) Still letting me in even though I didn't know my entry form got deleted and didn't see the notice in the forums about it. Sorry and thank you! O_O

    Adam Ferraro/adferraro (BakuretsuCon) - For also judging my video for the finals for BakuretsuCon. ^_^

    Youmacon Judges - For picking my video for one of the four Judge's Choice awards! :)

    Anybody else who takes the time to watch my videos- Thanks for voting and watching. There are so many talented people on this website. Watching how well all of you edit is inspiring to me and makes me want to keep going.

    Thank you and enjoy! :)

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