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  • Members (8): Infinity Squared, Autraya, Lockstock, OropherZero, Purge, Warpwind, Yues woman, bluetrain
  • Title: The Aussie Pogram
  • Premiered: 2007-09-16
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  • Songs:
    • Evermore Forever Young
    • John Gray Kokoda Movie Theme
    • Karnivool Themata
    • Lano and Woodley Opening Theme Song
    • Missy Higgins The Special Two
    • Powderfinger The Day You Come
    • Screaming Jets You know that I know better
    • shannon noll Loud
    • Silverchair Straight Lines
    • The Butterfly Effect Everybody Runs
    • The Butterfly Effect In A Memory
    • The Seekers Georgie Girl
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  • Comments:
    The idea for this video popped up somewhere in early 2006. The wheels were officially set in motion April 22, 2006 in the Amvience forums. Planning was started and each editor was excited to bring in their idea and lay claim to sources. And so the long and glorious journey has resulted in this... 1 year and 7 months later @_@

    In between then and now many things have happened.

    Kadaj became quiet in the online world...

    For a while so did Yues Woman... until she started to go to the Dark Side... Live Action Videos!

    The Amvience website actually got its own server and in the process became even more quiet than before, but at least the forums are now better and quite well used...

    Bluetrain still hasn't released his other Disappointment series videos...

    Somewhere in a mine, in the middle of nowhere, you will find her... the Warpwind... or above ground... it doesn't matter, it's still the middle of nowhere.

    Lockstock abandoned Epical... rejected Amvience... and is still currently aimless... nothing new.

    Out of nowhere Autraya popped up, somehow weezeled herself in the project and is now drunk or high on painkillers again waiting to strike.

    OropherZero now appears in his own TV show.

    Purge is a Legendary Pokemon.

    And I... am still single. Take that Dani!

    Anyway, now that the in-jokes are over, let me explain the project. Simply put, it's a collection of music videos using Australian sources. There are a few references to things that are common knowledge to those living in the land of the Burly, but for the most part it's really just a few of your most-loved Australian AMV creators having fun with music we've enjoyed or even grown up with.

    The final segment is a bit of a special tribute to the editors in this project. Because of the somewhat sporadic way that this project was completed, it ended up that there was really no structure to the video. The ending really felt like it was dangling, like a conclusion wasn't reached if I left it how it was. So I picked one of the most epic songs in Australian music scene these days and took clips from videos that the editors in this project made. I basically picked the video which I thought started the creator on their way to where they are now and basically helped define them as a creator. You (or even the participants) may not agree with my choice, but I just want to emphasize that this is a purely subjective opinion rather than accepted truth.

    Also, a note about the title. That is not a typo. It's a reference to a popular Australian commedian (Shaun Micaleff) and his deliberate attempts at being original by not spelling his DVD titles correctly in the packaging. Oh, and the introduction is from the movie "The Dish" which is one of my home grown favourites, and really exhibits I reckon what it is to be an Australian nerd.

    Well then, enjoy... this is better than you'll ever think possible... trust me...


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