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  • Member: Vlad G Pohnert
  • Title: I Don't Wanna Be a Cowboy!
  • Premiered: 2007-09-22
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  • Songs:
    • Al Caiola Magnificent Seven Theme
    • Barry Gray Fireball XL-5
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  • Comments: While working on convention AMV contests and listening to music, I happened to be listening to the TV series ending song from Fireball XL-5 when it hit this would make a cute little video to work out the stress buildup with so much convention stiff on my plate.

    First thing after that I thought to myself how much this would be a perfect fit if Andy from Cowboy Bebop was actually singing it! Hell, he always was a Space Cowboy... Hence I decided to have him lip sync the entire short song...

    Once the lip syncing was done (and if I just barely found enough footage to do that!), I decided to do the entire video as a composition! So once again the entire thin was done in after effects. I though of having various girls from a number of anime that Andy the singing cowboy was singing all about. The concept being just like in Cowboy Bebop (actually right up his character) that he went out with a pile of women in his travels... of course the end is exactly what he deserves...

    For the beginning I used three live action sources to show some of the greatest Movie/TV cowboys of them all to set it all up.... As for the use of the TV and monitor, I wanted to make it look like what he was singing about and on his mind was being shown on the screens! Aos, you'll have to pause it if you want to see all the photograph details.

    Overall, this was just a fun video to do and I don't expect people to thing anything else of it except just plain fun... Who says you canít do something just for the fun of it!


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