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  • Member: Aiacos1990
  • Title: Hokuto Masters
  • Premiered: 2007-10-29
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    • Crystal King Yuria...Eien Ni (Original Ver.)
    • Gackt Lu:na
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  • Comments: [NEWS 07/19/2008]
    6th Place at Super Amostra Nacional de Animes 2008 (S.A.N.A. 8). This is my first contest. And S.A.N.A. is the second biggest event in Brazil. I am very happy with the result. I will make another AMV soon. Thanks for watching this, folks ^^
    [NEWS 04/13/2008]
    Another new link at indirect download. That is from 4shared. In there, two new versions with an Intro and low size. One is MP4 (yeah!!!) and other is AVI. Same quality.

    Finally, afters some years watching animes, tokusatsus and music videos, I've made my first AMV. And I am very happy 'cause some friends really have liked that. But why I've chosen Hokuto no Ken? Why not Saint Seiya or Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu? It is simple: A friend have show me this amazing anime. I've started watch the 2006 movie, Raoh Den Jun'ai no Sho, and it was very good. After that, I've downloaded the 1986 movie. Very good too. After that, Hokuto no Ken have entered in my ranking of best animes. In other words, I was addicted. My friend, who have presented HNK, call this "an male and perfect anime". In comparation of some others, he is right.

    The AMV's Origins
    When I've gained the new PC, it have only 128 GB DDR. Soon, after I knew Kenshiro, Raoh and the others, I've gained 1 GB DDR. I told to myself: "It is now". I've searched for an good video editor. An other friend have the famous Adobe Premiere. He gives the program to me. After some days, I learned how to use this with some tutorials in internet, with a local TV Show and with practice (not necessary in this order). The original idea was featuring scenes of Yuria Den, Raoh Gaiden I, 1986 movie, all this combined with the theme of Yuria Den named "Yuria Eien ni" by Crystal King, a remake of the first ending of the original anime. After this, I watched Shin Hokuto no Ken, the 2003 OVAs. I loved the theme of opening. But only with apreciation. When I've gained a Mp3 Player, I've started to hear, hear and hear some musics. An third friend have downloaded some music stuff. Including "Lu Na" by Gackt, the Shin Hokuto no Ken theme. I wachted Raoh Gaiden II, the 2007 movie, after that. One day, listening songs, my player started to sing the Shin Hokuto no Ken theme. And the scenes comes to my head. I told to myself: "Definitively, It's now". After I downloaded the two Raoh movies' Raws and listening so many times the music, I get started...

    About the AMV
    There is nothing to notice about this. It is just a resume of the second Raoh movie. But using scenes of Yuria Den and Raoh Gaiden I. But the video is more about Kenshiro and Raoh. And if you are a fan, spoiler hater and didn't see the movies, the anime and/or the manga series, don't watch this.

    Tetsuo Hara & Buronson: For the creation of this great manga.
    Toei and Toho: For the anime adaptation.
    My friends: For a lot of things
    Hói Nóis Aki Fansubs: The brazilian fansub of Hokuto no Ken.
    Si~LÉNSCE: The brazilian scanlator of Hokuto no Ken manga series.
    SNK-Neofighters Forum: For all the things I learned there.

    I think this is all. All I have to say is: enjoy the video ^^
    See ya!

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