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  • Member: omegaevolution
  • Studio: Rokujinshou Productions
  • Title: Persona 3: Wild Fang
  • Premiered: 2007-10-31
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    • Janne da arc Wild Fang
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    - Semi-finalist in's VCA 2008 in the Best Trailer/Commercial Category

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    Personal Comments:
    *Dedicated to Teiris ^^
    my 13th AMV aka OMEGA's second fan-made opening.

    Since the day I got my hands on the holy game Persona 3 from the Shin Megami Tensei series, I knew I had to make an AMV with it. Saddly I had troubles finding a song in english that would fit how the game works, I couldnb't exactly found a japanese song with good lyrics for it too, b ut this was the best choice I had XD. Back in March I made a fan-made opening for the game Tales of the Abyss that had a very good response in the public, so I decided to do a second one =D, here is the result, I had so much fun making this openings (they didn't take that much to make too since they are short) that its very probable that I will make a third one in the future. This ISN'T an horror game, it has too much SIM and humor characters for it to be considered horror, the FMVs (anime scenes) are what you would call the "horrorific" parts of the game. NO, they don't kill themselves with the guns (they aren't guns, they are called evokers), they just do it that way to estimulate their psyche to summon the Personas, so they aren't exploding their brains.

    Important Notes about the Quality of the vid:
    Saddly my capture card is not the best thing in the world since it can't record/capture with a loseless codec (like Huffy, Lagarith and Uncompressed), the best it can record is in NTSC DV, which gives me bluryness, so the quality is not the best thing in the world, I did try to make it look good, but yeah :/. (Besides I had to zoom up the footage to have it in a good resolution)

    The Local version is a .mp4 (x264) with a resolution of 848x480
    and the Direct Links are a lower quality XviD version of 640x368 and a .mp4(x264) of 640x368
    (Remember to Right Click + "Save as" to download)

    if you want to play the .mp4 in local and direct you should download the VLC media player HERE!! or google it if you want :P

    Programs Used:
    - Sony Vegas 7.0 (for edition)
    - Photoshop 7 (for image edition)
    - Pinnacle Studio 10 (to Record the FMVs and Gameplay of the Persona 3 [US version] game)
    - VirtualDub (for compression and encoding)
    - Zarx264gui (.mp4 encoding)

    Special Thanks:
    - ChaosKnight74: For extracting the FMVs from the Jap-only game "Persona 3 FES" (which is like the extension pack of the original game, saddly is japanese only D: )
    - MasterLL: For introducing me to this excellent game, without watching his gameplay vids I would have never played this game... well maybe yes, who knows? lol.

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