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  • Member: Andika
  • Studio: ONA ~ Taro
  • Title: Downpour [8059]
  • Premiered: 2007-10-31
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  • Song:
    • Vertical Horizon You say
  • Anime:
  • Comments: WARNING!
    Spoilers till ch 167 and shounen-ai hints!

    Couple: Yamamoto/Gokudera aka 8059 , but Gokudera centric ^^

    Sooo, not my first MMV but my first finished one ^^" Although this will be my last one too... surprising but making amv is much easier.
    However I had a lot of fun making this vid. This couple is sooo damn cute, I just couldn't help myself and fell in love with them n___n
    If I am correct then I am the first one who made a tribute to them. Yay I am feeling honored~ Next time I wanna use the anime too ^.^
    Anyway, I finished babling go ahead and watch it if you are brave enough XD


    Here in the light
    It burns you up inside
    Here in the shell of a sun
    We echo on

    Too much listening
    Not enough living

    And you say
    What did I say
    What did you say
    We just
    Go away
    Go away
    Go away

    It helps you out
    Knowing I'm left out
    Locked in a box with a light
    That won't shine

    Turn it on and wait for
    Someone to come


    I'm here now
    Holding on to reasons
    I faced it
    Watching you deny me

    Here in the light
    It burns you out sometimes
    Here in the shell of a sun
    We echo on

    Left alone forever
    All alone together



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