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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: Phoenix Wright - Anime Attorney
  • Premiered: 2007-09-21
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    • Magical Trick Society Examination ~ Moderate 2001
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  • Comments: Track 38 of the VG4 Project.

    As a DS owner, I eventually stumbled upon the greatness that was Phoenix Wright and it became one of my main obsessions (and still is). With VG4 coming up, I knew I HAD to make a Phoenix Wright video. After much searching, I found an AWESOME remix of one of my favorite themes from the game and went out to make the video.

    The plot is that there has been a string of murders in Central City and all fingers are pointing at 14 year old Shinji Ikari. Who else would be better to defend him other than Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney? Phoenix must defend Shinji while challenging a new and upcoming prosecutor. Phoenix must put all of his skills as a defense attorney on the line to defend his client and may even get some unexpected help on the way...


    - This is the first video I did in Adobe Premiere Pro CS2. I needed to use it for the text, screen scrolling, and layer bending.

    - I didn't wanna bother getting the remastered Evangelion dvds so I just used my old ones.

    - The Cross Examination part had to be altered due to time constraints. I originally wanted the video to only be 3 minutes, but I had to extend it to 4.

    - Due to massive time constraints, I wasn't able to put EVERYTHING I wanted in the video. Even if I used the entire song, I wouldn't be able to fit everything in.

    The response to this video at AWA was quite amazing and got the biggest applause during the VG4 showing. Thanks to everyone who watched!

    Thanks to...
    Court Records for the sprites.
    AtomX for the Haruhi footage.

    Winner of Anime Expo 2011's Fun/OVA Category.


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