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  • Member: LordICE
  • Title: Breakdown
  • Premiered: 2007-10-18
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    • Skye Sweetnam Fallen Through
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  • Comments: This is my newest AMV after a long time. I didn't have time or the mood necessary in the last mouths to make new AMV's.
    Even when I'm not making AMV's, I constantly find something to edit... so in the past mouths my knowledge of video editing has accumulated little by little. Also, my curiosity for new and more complex effects it's showing results.

    And now talking a little about the AMV...
    This one began one mounth ago. It took a little longer to finish because I actually watched the series twice, before fast re watching and extract the necessary scenes.
    I wanted to match the video and music together in this AMV... that should be simple (not!).

    The idea was to make a story from various scenes, more or less related.
    The big time consuming problem was that I wanted something mixed, but in the same time telling a story from the start to the end. To make this more difficult, I also wanted to be more complex.

    With a total of 100+ clips taken from the entire series I decided this will be enough for now.
    Combining various clips from different scenes into short linear fragments is a fun thing to do, but also time consuming.

    I started this AMV with a good idea about what I wanted to do, but I ended up with a total different one (more better!). I didn't want to throw away my first "plan"... it was a damn good idea there (plus one weak of work on that). I ended up with a compromise between the two of them. (so now I have a better plan then my first and the second ones)

    The rest details are actually boring, so I'm passing to the point where I wish you to enjoy watching this!

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