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  • Member: Nessephanie
  • Studio: Random Destination Studios
  • Title: Sunshine
  • Premiered: 2007-09-22
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    • Eisley Brightly Wound
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  • Comments: This was my Masters video for AWA 2007. I didn't really have a good idea for the Masters contest, but I wanted to enter, not nessecarily to compete, but to support the contest, since I really enjoy it, and it's supported by the amount of entries it receives. So on the day of the deadline, I submitted an ftp request and used the two days I was given to upload, to edit this video.

    I love Kamichu and I had the idea for this vid for awhile, it's a very cute anime, and the video is just a cute little sentimental vid about the main character and her relationships with her friends and the guy she has a crush on :3

    A huge thanks to AtomX, for helping me in places I didn't know what to do and betaing. Less than three babe *heart*
    Pwolf for sending me the DVD's of Kamichu! You're the bestest!
    Ileia for being great, and also editing a video in the same time frame as me! :3

    Programs used: Adobe Premiere 6.5, After Effects 7

    (a note on the hair thing: Yurie is a god, and whenever she uses her powers, her hair grows really long, and she falls asleep, when she wakes up her hair goes back to normal.)

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