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  • Member: AnimeSnatcher
  • Title: Her Eyes~ Ghibli Style
  • Premiered: 2007-10-14
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    • Pat Monahan Her Eyes
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  • Comments: This actually was posted on YouTube first, but because of minimal response there I decided to post it here. WMM was a total pain on this, but I battled on and saw it through to the end. Because of the way WMM is, I had to split the video into three parts and save each as a movei file seperatley then I put the three together and save it into one movie file. Because of that, the quality isn't splendiforous. However, there is only one mistake in it that WMM inserted all by itself. Sorry, I am babbling. None of that is actually important.

    Anyway, I got this idea while listening to Her Eyes on the radio. Have you ever had a video almost completely made in your head before you made it? This is what this video was for me. All of the clips were already in my mind before I sat down to make it. Enjoy, thank you, leave a comment ,send some love. Whatever.

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