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  • Title: Naruto Trailer: Final Conflict
  • Premiered: 2006-01-05
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    • Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack Metal Gear Solid Theme
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  • Comments: Sasuke has decided to accept Orochimaru's invitation and join him in his ambition to gain more power. Naruto and 4 others are sent to take sasuke back from Orochimaru's grip, but as they go deeper and deeper into enemy territory they realize the task at hand is a lot more difficult than they anticipated. Naruto is forced to face and fight Sasuke, his long-time rival. Can Naruto convince Sasuke to turn back? or will orochimaru finally get his hands on the legendary Sharingan? "Final Conflict" revisits the most intense and captivating saga of the Naruto Anime series yet!

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