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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Brolly's Hate
  • Premiered: 2001-05-18
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  • Song:
    • Midtown Just Rock 'n Roll
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  • Comments: This video was made as a spur-of-the-moment "thing" to keep me busy during a day when I just had absolutely no plans. I had originally started this video (got about 30 seconds done) back during the first semester of my freshman year (college), but trashed it because it was going no-where (and it looked nothing like it does now). Unfortunately, one thing that's held the video back was the source footage: my DBZ movies 8 and 10 are horrible quality.

    However, it wasn't meant to be a video that showed off how good my sources were. It was just meant to be something that kept me busy.

    As I continued on with it, however, I found myself getting pulled in by the video, and trying to make it an actual good project. So, please, try not to hold it against me while viewing the video that the source footage is absolute crap.

    The concept I'm going for is the burning hatred between Brolly, and Son Gokuu. If you're familiar with DBZ (more specifically, its movies), you'll know that Brolly and Gokuu were born on the same day, and Gokuu's crying caused Brolly to.. well.. go insane. Because of this, Brolly has this undying sense of rage towards Gokuu, which later extends to his children. The chorus of the song ("Just Rock \'n Roll" by Midtown) chants, "God, I wish I could hate you for the rest of my life..". Playing off of this idea, I just went on with the video.

    The video only took me two days to make. Yeah. Sounds totally newbie-ish. Partly is, partly isn't.

    So, while it's merely a "fun" video meant only for me, at the same time, I wanted to be able to show it off and not be ashamed of it. Perhaps (in 20 years) when DVDs of these movies are released, I'll re-do the entire video, and take a good long time to do it.

    Fun parts I like in the video include (other than the drum roll at the beginning), the crash when Brolly pops in through the door; the "jump ahead" with Vegeta's face during "Your friends are falling out / They know you just don't care / They know you never did"; the defeat of Brolly with the movie 8 footage with the punch of Gokuu's, which just naturally flowed along with the song; the crash of the Triple Kamehameha on Brolly in movie 10; and a few other tiny things.

    Equipment used:
    - Horribly, horribly late generation DBZ movies 8-10 (movie 11 is 2nd gen from LaserDisc)
    - HP Pavillion
    - 850 mHz, 128 MB RAM, ATI All-in-Wonder 128
    - Adobe Premiere 5.1, Adobe PhotoShop 5.0, WinAmp

    Technical information:
    - MPEG encoded back with Xing MPEG encoder. AVI no longer exists of this music video, which is why I'm unable to encode it at a higher bitrate. Unsure of bitrate.

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