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  • Member: Epical Zamora
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: Shackles of Fate
  • Premiered: 2007-10-03
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    • E Nomine Deine Welt (Edit)
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    This piece was originally intended for an MEP. I really liked how the first minute turned out, so I extended it. This is the extended version, with three new sequences.

    I loved Valkyrie Profile. Lenneth's tale was absolutely amazing. I just had to make an AMV with it. So I spent a few days trying to get the FMVs from the PSP, and eventually got them. Then I set about finding a song. This was exceedingly difficult, not because there weren't plenty of suitable songs, but there weren't any that were short enough. There's just over 12 minutes of footage total. While this seems like plenty, when you're editing, a vast majority of it gets cut; Especially when you're telling a story.

    The story here abides by the video's title: it's about how fate ties us down, and to some, our endless desire to escape it. In the game, Lenneth Valkyrie went against the rules and traditions of the gods, and was consequently switched out for the colder, unquestioning Hrist. The game's story takes it further, but I don't. There weren't any cutscenes that covered that. XD Instead, I made it seem as if Lenneth were destroyed after being taken over by Hrist.

    I simplified my style in this video quite a lot. Usually, I hit a majority of the beats with strobes or things of that nature. Here I only hit the most major beats. I liked how it turned out, it gave the main beats more emphasis and allowed the viewer to concentrate more on the footage. I used Sapphire Glow and Gaussian Blur for almost everything.

    Programs Used:
    Adobe Premier Pro 1.5

    Total Editing Time:
    Editing: 5 hours
    Export: 30 minutes (thank you AMVapp 3!!)
    Preview and Beta adjustment: 3 hours

    1) The small, uncommon resolution is due to the size of the PSP's screen. That's as big as they get.

    2) Local download is the high quality .mp4 version. If you have trouble playing this, try the Xvid. But I highly suggest the former, as it shouldn't lag at all at such a small resolution.

    I hope you enjoy this!!

    EDIT: Entered into WAI-con's AMV comp. Won 1st place in Game category.

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