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  • Member: yumi+chan
  • Studio: Celestial Moonlight Productions
  • Title: Dream on
  • Premiered: 2007-09-09
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    • Aerosmith Dream On
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    Well the main point of the video is that everyone must have dreams and should never stop dreaming, although there are also hard times in life. There will always be good times again too :)
    I tried to go well with the song, as the song expresses exactly what I said above for me and it is pretty encouraging.
    Furthermore I tried to make a climax into my video, I made some disturbances in the instrumental parts before the stanzas (the old movie like effect and the flickering) and I also changed the colors and slowed the scenes down a lot so that the movements aren't smooth anymore. During the stanzas I stopped the disturbances and the slowness but still changed the colors, I made them more pale with a glow, so that it looks dreamy like (it should fit to that “echo” in the song). When I showed a part which is past then I reduced the colorfulness very much that it looks very pale. At the refrains I stopped changing the colors (or at some scenes I even made them more colourful). During the “screaming”-part where everybody is crying I have made the scenes all reddish and then more pale and darker again to express fear and sadness. This play with the colors should also express that the days when you’re dreams have become true are the most happiest and brightest days in your life and it is worth going through pain for them.

    I’ve used Anime which are all familiar, not always obviously, but I think they are all Anime which play in a quite normal world, and then there is one thing that is supernatural, like the other worlds in Fushigi Yûgi and Escaflowne or that isle in s-CRY-ed where there live the people with special skills, the “real” world and Tokyo Jupiter in RahXephon, the heavenly maidens in Ayashi no Ceres, the Goddesses in Ah! My Goddess and the special abilities of some people in Tenjô Tenge (although Tenjô Tenge is the most unfitting one somehow).

    Well I really love this song, it has some sad parts as well as happy and encouraging ones. In my video I tried to go well with the song and hopefully I can express the song with my video :)

    I have used much more effects in this video than in my previous ones.
    I have reduced the colorfulness (I made the scenes more black/white) and added a strong contrast to get that glow in the stanzas. For the scenes which are in the past I only reduced the colorfulness so that the scenes look very pale. At the “screaming”-part where eyeryone is crying I have made the scenes all reddish and then reduced the colors again to make them look more dark and sad.
    The flickering scenes are only the same scenes as played just with reduced brightness.
    And during the instrumental parts I've also slowed the scenes down very much so that the movements don't look so smooth anymore.
    Actually all of the other effects (the old-movie-like effects, the borders with the flowers and the butterflies and the shiny things during the refrains) are made by myself.
    (have also a look above at “concept” for more information about the meaning of the effects)

    Hope you enjoy my video!^^

    Special thanks to:
    - amvde for helping me out with some really annoying problems with Premiere
    - Good for Nothing for beta-testing
    - JCD and Streicher for helping me out with compressing

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