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  • Member: •Shaman•
  • Studio: AMVX
  • Title: Pursuit of the Friend
  • Premiered: 2007-09-23
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  • Song:
    • Sum 41 Still Waiting
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  • Comments: Eh, the spirits is just naruto ^ _ ^ is from a bag of time that I do not make amv of naruto, but just a lot much time. And then those that I have made in past made indeed pain - _ - However, eccomi here with Pursuit of the Friend (literally "Pursuit of the friend"). The idea of this AMV is been born to me from when me the manga riletto of the saga of the pursuit of Sasuke. and I have thought that it would be beautiful if there were a amv to mo of reassumed in which there are all the combats in chronological thread. Beh me the song is created I ^ _ ^ is Still Waiting of the Sum41, me it is piaciuta very many and I have adapted the images to the song the best that I could. Obviously, siccome I had nearly 4 minuteren of time, I have had to discard many scenes, and to only hold the main ones, but I must say that all adding has come outside a good job and it appeals to to me very many. I have used also Adobe After Effect, therefore we say that it is a beginning in order to learn to use that program ^^ beh I do not want to bore to you beyond, good vision ^0^

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