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  • Members: MOVIE12, EndlessRage2
  • Studio: Fire Rage Productions
  • Title: Soul Savior
  • Premiered: 2007-09-27
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    • Lost Prophets Wake Up (Make A Move)
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    After I Saw My Friend's Video I Was Thinking Of Making Another One So I Asked My Friend To Help Me Out I'm Gald He Helped Me Out I Think It's Way Better Then KillerZone I Hope You Guys Like It
    Ichigo Meets Rukia In The City Where She Tells Him All About The Soul Society.After Ichigo Hear The Story Enemies Start To Show To Face Him But When The Soul Society Comes For Rukia He GoeS To The Soul Society To Save Rukia When He Gets There Battles Renji, Kenpachi, And Byakuya Enjoy Tell Us What You Think

    We Edited Five Parts We Wanted
    0:00-00:16 Movie12
    0:16-00:57 Endlessrage
    0:57-1:22 Movie12
    1:23-1:31 Endlessrage
    1:32-1:47 Movie12
    1:48-1:49 Endlessrage
    1:50-2:13 Movie12
    2:14-2:54 Endlessrage
    2:54-3:15 Movie12
    3:16-4:20 Endlessrage

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