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  • Member: CorpseGoddess
  • Title: Bad Case of Loving You (Sensei Sensei) Revisited
  • Premiered: 2007-09-24
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    • Robert Palmer Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor)
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  • Comments: Finalist, Yaoicon 2007

    YAOI ALERT: If the concept of two men having a relationship (even this warped version) is not to your taste, you might want to download something else.

    My last few projects here have taught me a lot, and I've grown quite a bit since my earlier offerings. A couple of my earlier ideas were really solid and I liked the concept, but I didn't have the technique or know-how at the time to really do them justice. So I'm revisiting a couple of them, this being my first attempt. I really enjoyed remaking this---taking the sections I thought worked and building around them and improving them at the same time proved to be fun and a challenge.

    I'm quite pleased with this new version---it's much closer to what I wanted to "say" when I made the original video. That one is still up here if you want to compare and contrast.

    Here's the description from the original, which still holds true:

    For people unfamiliar with the anime, Muraki (the silver-haired gentleman) is a doctor who has an violent (mostly implied) sexual history with Hisoka (the green-eyed young man), one of the main characters. In the story, Hisoka bears a personal grudge against the doctor for his past abuses.

    Since my brain works in incredibly wrong ways, it decided to come up with this amv idea one night after watching an episode of "Yami" where Muraki had been particularly lecherous and insidious. The use of the title "Doctor" in the song was too good to pass up and the song fit the images really well. I liked the idea of turning the tables on the "predator and prey" relationship that he and Hisoka share, making Hisoka not only a willing participant but the aggressor. There are a lot of double entendres covered in innuendo in here, which is where the "wrong brain works" comes in handy---see how many phallic images you can spot! I really like the idea and I'm happy with the end result. I hope you get a giggle or two out of it.

    Also for those who haven't seen the anime--the whole "meet me at the hotel" bit during the bridge of the song is completely edited together and slathered in innuendo. It absolutely doesn't take place at all in the original anime.

    Here are the lyrics:

    The hot summer night fell like a net
    Iíve got to find my baby yet
    I need you to soothe my head
    Turn my blue heart to red

    Doctor, doctor, give me the news
    Iíve got a bad case of loviní you
    No pillís gonna cure my ill
    Iíve got a bad case of loviní you

    A pretty face donít make no pretty heart
    I learned that, buddy, from the start
    You think Iím cute, a little bit shy
    Momma, I ainít that kind of guy

    Doctor, doctor, give me the news
    I got a bad case of loviní you
    No pillís gonna cure my ill
    I got a bad case of loviní you

    I know you like it, you like it on top
    Tell me, momma, are you gonna stop?

    You had me down, 21 to zip
    Smile of judas on your lip
    Shake my fist, knock on wood
    Iíve got it bad, and Iíve got it good

    Doctor, doctor, gimme the news
    I got a bad case of loviní you
    No pillís gonna cure my ill
    I got a bad case of loviní you

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